Enactus Canada is a community of talented, hard working, values-driven leaders that blend a competitive spirit and desire to succeed with a sense of integrity and desire to give something back. To recognize the success of this outstanding community, Enactus Canada is pleased to present teams and individuals with awards and recognition through the generous support of our corporate and organizational partners. Some of the most popular awards include:

  • Student Awards and Recognition
    • Founder’s Bursary (20 awards for $2500)
    • Whitney Barham Social Justice Bursary (1 award for $2500)
    • HSBC Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Award (5 awards for $1000 and 1 award for $2500) And more.
  • Team Awards and Recognition

For more information about the awards and recognition, please refer to Enactus Canada Awards Recognition Handbook
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As a member of an Enactus team, you’ll be joining a worldwide network of more than 70,500 bright academic, student, and community leaders from Enactus clubs around Canada and the world who are each making their own contribution toward our shared mission of creating a better world.

Enactus teams directly contribute to the positive reputation of their university or college with each of their successes. They have fun, travel and represent their institution at regional, national, and global competitions where teams showcase the impact of their efforts each year.

Regionals: Annually, Enactus Canada Regional Expositions take place in Atlantic, Western and Central Canada, and bring together student, academic and industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of Canada’s future leaders and entrepreneurs.

During the event, students showcase how their community outreach projects and business ventures are making a real impact in Canada and beyond. Through rounds of live, presentation-based competitions, business leaders serving as judges determine which Enactus teams will be named Regional Champions and move on to the final rounds of competition held at the Enactus Canada National Exposition.

Enactus Canada Regional Expositions are usually held in Calgary (Alberta), Mississauga (Ontario), and Halifax (Nova Scotia).


In 2019, Enactus Canada National Exposition was held at Vancouver Convention Centre, BC.
In 2018 and 2020, Enactus Canada National Exposition was held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Ontario.

World Cup:

In 2016, Enactus World Cup was held in Toronto, Canada.
In 2017, Enactus World Cup was held in London, UK.
In 2018 and 2019, Enactus World Cup was held in San Jose, California, USA.
In 2020, Enactus World Cup was held in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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