President – Sandra

Hello everyone, my name is Sandra Adderley-Melbourne. I am in the Business Administration- Marketing Program. I am the current President of Enactus George Brown.

It is my responsibility to mentor our team leaders and make sure they are supported in carrying out the mission and vision of the team. I am responsible for developing and implementing strategies and creative initiatives to ensure the success of the team and its operations, as well as building a positive, vision-based culture in the team. I help to strengthen the Enactus George Brown brand and image on campus and in the community. Most importantly though, it is my responsibility serve my team as a positive example for all members and help to encourage and motivate them to find their inner leader and take the initiative in reaching heights they never thought they could. Quite simply, my role is to be my team’s cheerleader.

In my time at Enactus George Brown, I have been a Team Member, Junior Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Vice President, and now President. Each of those roles taught me the finer details of essentially running a business. My organizational, time management, communication, and strategic skills, were all honed in each of these roles.

I’ve had many memorable experiences because of Enactus. One of the unique experiences was being chosen to represent Enactus George Brown and present on our Nationals Presentation Team in Vancouver, BC in 2019. We competed against approximately 76 other colleges and universities in the Enactus network from all across Canada, during the 2019 Enactus Canada National Exhibition.

Another memorable experience I had because of Enactus, was when I was a Project Manager, my project needed funding, so my Vice President at the time told me they wanted me to enter the SA event, GBC’s Got Talent.  I knew how much work it would be to prepare for it and quite frankly, I didn’t want to do it alone, so I formed a make-shift band with a few of our Enactus members who were musically inclined. We rehearsed every week for about a month and won the grand prize that year! We had so much fun! We also grew closer as team members outside of the work we do for our projects.