MindTime strives to provide George Brown College and surrounding communities with the resources necessary to build mental resilience, using outreach, wellness workshops, and creative projects. Over 2021, our objective is to positively impact 150 individuals, while creating a welcoming space that supports all project members’ mental health. Throughout previous projects, we have focused our attention on demographics that typically receive less mental wellness advocacy, such as seniors. As such, we aim to continue advocating for the mental health of all groups of people, from all walks of life. Through human connection and education, we impact the mental wellness of those around us and believe that over time, MindTime will broaden its scope to reach hundreds of Canadians each year!

Project Manager Intro:

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsey Reimer, currently enrolled in the Business Administration Human Resources program. My role in Enactus George Brown is Project Manager of MindTime. I have worked in: 

● Retail management, with a focus on recruiting, onboarding, and development. 
● Special event management, leading both for- and not-for-profit community and corporate events 
● And hospitality and tourism management, aiding in wine and beverage production and service

Being in Enactus has given me countless memorable experiences, such as delivering the video business presentation for Tenacity for 2021 Regionals! 

I can’t wait for you to join us!

Junior Project Manager Intro:

My name is Elizabeth Maniv. I’m currently enrolled in the Business Administration – HR program (B154). I’m a relatively new member of the Enactus George Brown and, therefore, I fully understand how important it is to get to know your future colleagues before kicking off any project! 

My role in Enactus George Brown is a Junior Project Manager for the MindTime Project. I’m an international student, so most of my volunteering experience was back in my home country, Ukraine. I actively participated in local charity events and some non-for-profit projects. Being in Enactus has given me a great opportunity to network with passionate and hard-working people who are open to innovation and creativity. 

I’m happy to welcome you to our rapidly expanding team of dedicated and results-driven individuals!