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PathNotes is a marketing consultation startup working with emerging artist and giving them the keys to jumpstart their career and make an impact through the development of their aesthetic and business expertise. 

This 8-week program was designed for artists to dive deep into their brand, target audience, Artist Bio, Social media, networking & music releasing strategies.

Our team will guide them through several stages with the help from our mentors, partners, marketing team & entrepreneurial coach. 

Artists meet with our team on a week to week basis to collaborate on all aspects of their aesthetic. They are also provided with a workbook which provides insights and resources for expanding their reach.

The artists are encouraged to book separate meeting with their coaches and mentors for a more one-on-one personal approach. In which they will report back to the team on subjects that were touched on.

Co-Project Manager Intro – Yavanna:

Hi, my name is Yavanna Rodriguez, the developer and Project Manager of PathNotes, currently taking the Project Management program. I joined Enactus to build my practical and technical skills needed to succeed in  Project Management field, I have had the honour of meeting new, inspiring members that have helped prepare me for what is to expected- My journey with Enactus has just started and I continuously look forward to learning new, applicable skills I can add to my tool belt.

Co-Project Manager Intro – Jagger:

Hello, my name is Jagger Craig, a project manager on Enactus George Brown’s Pathnotes project, the brainchild behind the music marketing consultation start-up and a third year Marketing Administration student. With a previous career as a chef in the Toronto hospitality scene, my ability to manage stress at high levels and work under pressure with a wide variety of people is my bread and butter, and it’s these kinds of soft skills that I bring to Pathnotes in tandem with my own musical background. A rapper, chef, and creative, I bring all of these sensibilities and background knowledge to Enactus and then some.

Junior Project Manager Intro:

Hello everyone, my name is Aidan Armstrong, and I am currently enrolled in the Project Management program with Co-op. I am currently working as a Project Manager for the PathNotes project in collaboration with Enactus George Brown. In the past I have worked in finance as a junior financial analyst with BMO Nesbitt Burns. Being a part of Enactus has been a great experience so far, and I enjoy working with a group of likeminded individuals on the PathNotes Project.