The Bean


A project which aims to reuse/ divert coffee waste into household. With the goal of aligning with the 12th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of bringing responsible and sustainable consumption to the personal care industry and promote green living, we initiated a project called ‘The Bean’  

The Bean aims to reuses coffee ground waste collected from the local cafes and turn it into useful 100% biodegradable household products like soap bars, candles and deodorants. After nine months,12 revisions of our soap, and 5 version of our packaging, the Bean team came up with a recipe to launch its first product, CoBeano

CoBeano represents the rise of coffee grounds from a declining phase of the coffee life cycle into a new form of life!   It is a home-made soap bar that is shaped like a coffee bean. At present, the team is working towards improving the quality and preparing for the market launch of CoBeano. If you love coffee and are passionate about green living, The Bean is the right choice for you!

Project Manager Intro – Kam:

Hello everyone, my name is Kam Shokouhi, and I’m currently enrolled in B162 – Supply Chain and Operations Management program (with work experience).

My role in Enactus George Brown is the Senior Project Manager and Product Development Lead for the Bean project. I served in the Canadian Military for just over 9 years and retired in 2018 to pursue a different career path. Being in Enactus has allowed me to make new friends, expand my network, learn about social and environmental entrepreneurship and compete on a regional level with other universities and colleges. In fact, we pitched our idea in the 2020 Scotiabank Climate Action Challenge competition hosted by ENACTUS regionals and were selected for 2nd place in our league, beating some of the most resourceful and famous universities and colleges in Ontario. I can’t wait for the next competition!!

Kam Shokouhi

Junior Project Manager Intro:

Hello everyone, my name is Rima Kanezato, currently enrolled in the project management program. It has been a pleasure to be a part of Enactus GBC as a junior project manager for The Bean Project. Enactus has given me opportunities to work with and learn from inspiring students and faculties in a very supportive and encouraging environment. I love the synergy and positive energy that Enactus GBC has that prompts us to constantly challenge and improve ourselves. I look forward to a successful journey with you! Welcome to the team!