Youth Going Forward


Our main target at Youth Going Forward is to attract students and people to the organization that are looking to either start a business or to enhance their business knowledge so that they could start a business soon. We provide them all the mentorship with all the business aspects and other resources that help them take right decisions towards the business. 

Our goal is to make a positive impact on more than 250 people that involves educating them with different business fundamentals, networking, and thereon connecting them with the organizations that can further help them build their business.

Our team is dedicated towards making an impact in the business world and we work together to make sure that we stay on the right track and help people reach success.

Project Manager Intro:

I am Jaspreet Arora and I’m a full time student at George Brown college pursuing Project Management (Certificate Program). I am also the Project Manager for the Youth Going Forward project at Enactus George Brown.

In terms of working experience, I have around 6 years of experience in fields like Architecture, Travel, and Commercial real estate (co-working). I have worked in sales and account management in these industries and have a good rapport overall when it comes to management and decision making.

One of the best things I find about Enactus is that we get to work with people all around the world with different cultures and viewpoints and we work together to achieve common goals.



Junior Project Manager Intro:

Hello everyone, my name is John Ayemoba, currently enrolled in Business Administration Management program. My role in Enactus George Brown is Junior project manager. Being in Enactus has given me memorable experiences, such as competing at the Enactus Regional Competition and winning. The experience remains invaluable to me to this day because not only did I learn a lot from it, but I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic team which is what you get with Enactus.



John Ayemoba