What We Do

An Overview

Enactus defines “entrepreneurial action” as taking the opportunity to use sustainable business and sound economic practices to develop innovative business models based on risk, commitment and a willingness to follow through. Enactus members directly empower individuals implementing the skills and/or knowledge learned during the project in their lives through communication, understanding, and challenging long-standing assumptions about what outcomes people need.

Our Projects

The Bean

Our objective is to create processes for diverting wasted coffee grounds that otherwise would end up in landfills and generate GHG into valuable and revenue-generating consumer products that are 100% biodegradable.
We align ourselves with the 12th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of bringing sustainable consumption to the personal care industry while promoting green living.


The Bean Logo


Spudlery’s mandate is to eliminate single use plastics by offering an organic, compostable alternative. We are developing a new cost-effective and adaptable way to reuse waste to create disposable cutlery. This is accomplished by using dehydrated potato skins which are used to create edible spoons. We are looking to switch focus from potato skins to beer by-products.

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The Mind Time project targets 15-to-24 year old individuals, who we ask to attend wellness workshops which are designed to decrease their stress and anxiety levels, resulting in better balance for their mental wellbeing.

The project runs hybrid workshops that feature time management, prioritization, strategies and best practices, note-taking techniques and study tactics, meditation and yoga.



Tenacity is a 5 sessions program aimed to empower domestic and newcomer youths/adults ages 15-40 through financial literacy.

We help our participants foster knowledge in making money conscious decisions, through highly interactive workshops with group discussions, activities, and videos.

Tenacity focuses on promoting youth to think about long-term planning when it comes to their personal finances, and to increase their confidence when making financial decisions.

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Youth Going Forward (YGF)

Youth Going Forward (YGF) is a mobile-based entrepreneurship education program tailored for those aged 16 to 29.

The program was developed to give youth a platform to turn their creative, innovative ideas and dreams into a possible, lucrative reality through entrepreneurship. It also provides knowledge-based opportunities to find mentorship and financial support



Nonprofit Music marketing consultation startup working exclusively with emerging Toronto artists to uplift the culture.